Golf for beginners


Golf is a hugely popular sport globally, and is ever increasing in numbers of people who start playing. Modern technology has helped alot with this as there are now many indoor golf simulation centres that are relatively cheap and obviously not weather dependent.


Every golfer when they first start playing finds it difficult to actually get trajectory, meaning actually getting the ball into the air, instead of trickling along the fairway. To boost your confidence as a beginner, always use clubs that are heavier in the sole, this will eventually help you get trajectory and accuracy.     Golfing beginners also find it difficult with body rotation and therefore they have a poor swing. When you start playing golf as a beginner hire a coach or go with friends who have been playing a long time. When they teach you how to swing a club focus and listen carefully, sometimes what they are teaching you about swinging a club may not sound correct but professionals know what they are doing so pay attention. Having a coach, or experienced buddy, will help you understand golf course rules and etiquette also.


Most importantly, when taking a shot focus on the ball, and where on the ball you intend striking it with the club. Stronger shots will obviously get your ball to the hole sooner, one tip often given to beginners to improve shot strength is when you practice bunker shots try to pull sands out with the sand wedge, as well as the ball itself.


Beginners really need to focus on every single shot and listen closely to their coach or buddy. New golfers have a tendency to lose focus if they play one bad shot. The mind set kind of says well this hole is going to be a 8 so might aswell be a 9 or a 10. The best advice for any new golfer is if you play a bad shot, focus on the very next shot and you may surprise yourself with a chip directly into the hole.