Demetrious Johnson Defends His Title

18/04/2017 Main

Hey sports fans, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Did any of you watch UFC fight night in Kansas City, Missouri the other day? UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson defended his title against Wilson Reis and tied one of the most prestigious records in combat sports; 10 consecutive UFC title defenses. The same record that was previously owned by Anderson Silva. Johnson tied the record on Saturday with an armbar submission in the third round during the 125 pound championship bout that was the headline event. The fight had a great finish, and it became obvious that Reis was not going to win the fight after only landing 18 strikes compared to Johnson getting 135 strikes. Read more

So you Want to Play Golf

15/04/2017 Main
So you Want to Play Golf 

Hello you lovely people, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. My youngest son told me he wanted to try golf this weekend, and I am all over that idea. I showed him my post on golf for beginners and he still seems pretty positive about it, so we went shopping. It wasn’t long before we realized that buying him a new set of golf clubs and other gold gear was going to be way too expensive, so we went the used route. We looked at together and found him everything he needs to get started, which was a lot less than we both thought. Here are the basic golf items you need to get started golfing. Read more

Rooney to Leave Manchester United

23/02/2017 Main
Rooney to Leave Manchester United

Hello everyone, welcome back to my lovely little sports and fitness blog. I got a little bit of footy news for you today, although I am hardly the first to break the story. Everyone is getting ready for the transfers this summer but there is no transfer that everyone has their eyes on and that is Wayne Rooney departing from Old Trafford and moving somewhere in the Chinese Super League. An unnamed team from the Chinese League is said to be giving Manchester United 30 million pounds and the skipper is standing to make one million pounds per week, which would confirm his status as the highest paid player in the world. After comments from Man U coach Jose Mourinho last week that said something to the extent of anyone could wind up anywhere, people have been asking questions. Read more

Ideas That Help With Sports Marketing

15/02/2017 Main
Ideas That Help With Sports Marketing

One branch of marketing that people aren’t sure how to navigate is that of sports. Sports marketing is one of the most powerful elements in the world, and yet there are a lot of companies that don’t use the lessons that are illustrated by some of the biggest names in sports. If you want to succeed in promoting your business, or you just want to learn how the big guys in advertising get their brand name across to millions of fans, you’ll want to explore the ideas that they are pushing on a regular basis. The following are just some of the things that they are doing right now, which could help you gain the upper hand in your niche today. Read more

What's in my workout bag?

10/02/2017 Main
What's in my workout bag?

What’s up everyone, how we all doing today? I just got back from the gym, and I managed to get a huge tear in my workout bag today! I was feeling all pumped, and then the bag gets caught on a corner and rips right open, everything spilling out. So of course now I have to find another workout bag that can hold all my stuff ( luckily I found a bunch of online classified ads on for workout bags ). Since I don’t have the new bag yet though, I thought I would put together a little list for basic stuff to have in your gym bag or just take with you in my case. Read more


Golf for beginners

05/12/2016 Main
Golf for beginners

Golf is a hugely popular sport globally, and is ever increasing in numbers of people who start playing. Modern technology has helped alot with this as there are now many indoor golf simulation centres that are relatively cheap and obviously not weather dependent. Read more

Best Deer Rifles of 2016

04/12/2016 Main
Best Deer Rifles of 2016

Howdy there folks, welcome back to another exciting day on my sports blog. Hunting season is in full blow right now, and as I have a lot of time off I decided to get some tags and head out. I don’t like to do this but I bought a couple rifles from a bargain shopping website, for those that want to know where. I went out with my new rifles with a friend who is a pretty avid hunter and he said I got some good deals and that one of the rifles is this years model and probably one of the top deer rifles on the market! Who knew! Anyways, I took a deeper look at some of the best deer rifles from 2016 to see if I can find any more great deals. These are the ones I am keeping an eye out for: Read more

MMA Title Fights

24/11/2016 Main
MMA Title Fights

    Hey there everybody, I know it’s been awhile since I had an MMA post on my sports blog so I thought I would treat you all to one after watching UFC 205. The main fight on the card, McGregor vs. Alvarez wasn’t that exciting but the other fights were pretty good. The hype for this fight was unreal, as it was the first UFC fight held in New York City and it was held at the same place that Muhammad Ali defeated Joe Frazier and it was dubbed the ‘Fight of the Century’. UFC 205 definitely did not live up to some of these historic events, but it was historic in its own right. Read more

Steelers 2017 Mock Draft

24/11/2016 Main
Steelers 2017 Mock Draft

Hey everybody, hope your week isn’t going too bad even with the latest election results in. One of the things I like the best about writing a sports blog is that I have the freedom to write about things that happened, things that are currently happening or things I think will happen. Today I want to cover the third category. I was watching the game the other day, sipping coffee from my barely used Steelers mug and was wondering how the team will do next year. This year was supposed to be the year but after some freak injuries and some coaching issues we are possibly looking at missing the playoffs all together. That would make for a much nicer draft pick but still not the ideal result. Hopefully with some good drafting and a productive off season we will be ready for next year. Let’s take a look at some prospects we may be drafting come April. Read more

Just Starting

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Just Starting Read more

Fitness: Starting Over

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Adventurous Sport

15/04/2016 Main

Hello folks. My name is Matt and I am a new contributor the blog. So I just wanted to write a short post to introduce myself to you guys. Now I have never been much of traditional sportsmen so to speak. I was never much use at football, rugby or cricket. But I do have a keen interest in many of the more adventurous sports out there. And it is these topics that I will be covering and contributing to the blog. I have a keen interest in scuba diving and I recently wrote a longer post on that a few weeks back. But there are many more adventurous sports out there to get involved in and intend to share these with you. I’ve enjoyed things like whitewater rafting, canyoning, caving, water skiing, ice climbing, mountaineering, sea fishing, the list goes on! Is there any others that you can think of and would like me to write about? Just drop me a line. Read more

Scuba Diving

05/04/2016 Main

Hello again folks. In this blog I am going to talk about an adventurous sport participated in by many people around the world. Scuba diving. Some people just have a dabble while on holiday while others take the sport much more seriously and dive at every chance they get. This post will just give you a basic overview of the sport and what to expect should you choose to have a go yourself. Read more


My Love for Arsenal

11/03/2016 Main

Dave here. My other love is football and I am a devoted supporter of Arsenal football club and thought I would share some of my Arsenal love with you. I enjoy going to watch them play at the Emirates stadium when I can. Premiership games are very expensive so I have to pick and choose when I go, due to financial constraints. It’s cheaper to watch either the Champions League or cup games during the week. The first game I watched at the Emirates stadium, however, was a 2:0 cup loss to Chelsea. Somehow though, that did not deviate from the incredible experience I had from watching my sporting heroes play at their home ground for the first time. Read more


My passion for rally

17/02/2016 Main

As you have noticed, I especially love motor sports. One of my passions is to go see motor rallies on weekends. From the smallest to the largest rally, these races always impress me. I would like explain you this sport because I thing that we don't talking enough of this sport. Read more


The 50th Superbowl

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Quad Biking

07/12/2015 Main

Quad Biking Read more

Come on England!

01/12/2015 Main

Come on England! Read more

Motocross UK

20/11/2015 Main

Motocross and dirt biking has reached new levels of popularity in 2015. There are more members of clubs than ever before and the community is growing rapidly. I’m proud to say that the sport came about right here in the UK, as part of an evolution from motorbike trials. During the 1960s, the Americans had gotten wind of the sport and it become very popular across the pond. By this time there were manufacturers from all over the world making motocross bikes. It wasn’t until around the mid 80s that Americans were starting to win competitions. Until then European riders had dominated all the meets and championships. Read more


13/11/2015 Main

Now, as a huge fan of athletics, it would not feel right to not start my blog with a subject that is threatening to destroy the reputation of the sport to a point in which there may be no return. The biggest pointing of the finger (and rightly so it seems) is at Russia, with many of the senior members of the IAAF requesting an immediate ban from all competitions. ‘Dick’ Pounds report, into the level of doping going on in the sport, was particularly damaging for Russia, with the alleged “state-sponsored” drug claims. Lord Coe is under massive pressure to call for a suspension. If there is anyone that can turn this around then it is Sebastian Coe. The guy is as white as snow and a very successful (clean) Olympic athlete and former world record holder of the 800m. There was a big sigh of relief when he took the job of president, but I’m not sure he envisaged the shit storm that was about to ensue, otherwise he might not have taken role. Read more


11/11/2015 Main

Good evening guys. Hope everyone is feeling chipper. Cold weather is settling in here and I’m not a particular fan of such instances. Anyway. Today I want to talk (rant) about what is going on at FIFA, and that plebbiest of plebs, Sepp Blatter. FIFA really is in disarray… similar to the IAAF that I talked about last time. These two organisations are a bit of a laughing stock in the world of sport. Read more



30/10/2015 Main

Does anyone else love sport as much as I do? I hope so, because that is the reason I wanted to start a blog. There are not many sports I don’t like and I spend most of my spare time catching up with what is going on around the world. I also love to play sports, so expect to hear about my latest sports wear and stuff like that. Read more